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Learn to prepare high-quality vegan Swiss chocolate desserts and other delicious treats. Taught by the chocolatiers behind the gourmet Swiss chocolate brand Löw Delights.


Learn about the art of making delicious premium chocolate desserts

Step into the kitchen with the chocolatiers and sisters Laura and Fabia from Löw Delights. They will guide you step by step through some of their favorite desserts - all completely vegan. 

Prepare healthy and flavorful recipes at home

You will learn the basics of working with chocolate, from making truffles, nut bars, to ganache, biscuits, and more. Get to know the essential flavors and little secrets that make your desserts stand out.

Receive your Vegan Swiss Chocolate & Sweets certification

Get your certificate of completion after having taken all of the classes and quizzes. Become an expert at preparing and creating your own gourmet desserts at home.

What makes chocolate so special?

Chocolate is more than just a simple ingredient.

It’s a warming feeling, a joyful moment, a comforting sensation. It’s a way of experiencing the beauty of any moment.

Chocolate is a way of expressing gratitude and love - to yourself and the people you care most about.

Sharing a piece of your homemade crunchy chocolate bar will surely make the other person happy...and you, too.

Cleverly designing and fabricating truffles and other chocolate specialties is an art that has been refined and perfected over the centuries.

Learning to craft some of these delicious little treats brings you that sense of contentment and satisfaction right into your home.

Treat yourself -  with desserts that make you, and others, feel special.

Discover gourmet vegan chocolate and other sweets from Switzerland

Dive into the world of gourmet chocolate and sweets from Switzerland. 

You’ll create crunchy cereal nut bars with roasted aromas, fluffy vanilla clouds covered in a crunchy chocolate coating, espresso chocolate truffles coated in cocoa powder, and much more. 

Learn how to make high-quality chocolate desserts and other little treats that will make everyone who tries smile in amazement. 

You’ll learn some of the favorite recipes from the vegan Swiss chocolatiers Laura and Fabia who have spend years creating premium chocolate candies in Zurich. 

This course will create unforgettable moments when sharing your own high-quality desserts with the people you love.

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Meet Laura and Fabia Löw and discover the beautiful chocolate and dessert creations you'll learn in this course.


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Meet your teachers

You will step into the kitchen with the two sisters Laura and Fabia, the chocolatiers and founders behind the Swiss gourmet chocolate brand “Löw Delights”.

Having discovered their love for creating beautiful chocolate, they started their own chocolate manufacture in Zurich. They wanted to do things differently, focusing only on vegan, sustainable, and ethically sourced chocolate.

Refining their craft for years and developing new exquisite flavor combinations, the two sisters have become true experts in their field. 

For the first time, they share their secrets and knowledge from making thousands of truffles in this unique and very first online course.

Here's what you'll get

Start making delicious chocolate and other desserts today!


In this course, Laura and Fabia share with you their 


You will get:


  • Access to 20 detailed and high-quality video lectures
  • A list on where to source your ingredients
  • An overview of the essential tools and ingredients
  • A complete coursebook with recipes and information
  • A quiz to test your knowledge and progress
  • A certificate of completion after finishing the course


Here is what you’ll learn


  • Learn to prepare crunchy chocolate cereal nut bars with roasted aroma and crunchy feeling
  • Make your own fluffy vanilla clouds covered in a perfectly tempered chocolate coating.
  • Create a delicate chocolate dessert cup comprising of a soft biscuit, crunchy crumbles, and a creamy chocolate foam.
  • Bake your own little carrot muffins and cover them with a refreshing coconut lime caramel.
  • Prepare flavorful espresso truffles coated in cocoa powder. 
  • Make a rich chocolate hazelnut cream that you can perfectly spread on any bread.

And much, much more...

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Who is this class for?

This class is designed to introduce you to the world of Swiss chocolate and desserts so you can create beautiful gourmet desserts at home. 

But even if you are already familiar with delicious desserts, you will learn new perspectives and techniques. 

We created these courses in a way that even if you're an absolute beginner in the kitchen you’ll be able to create amazing delicious food through the easy to follow step by step instructions. 

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