Meet the chefs

As an international vegan online cooking school, Veecoco partners with experienced chefs from all over the world, so we can bring you the most authentic online vegan cooking classes.

All of our instructors have a strong passion for teaching and cooking.

We carefully select the chefs we work with to ensure a consistently high standard when it comes to the recipes and techniques covered in the courses.

Maricel Lukkanit,

Passionate personal vegan chef and edutainer

Maricel has been vegan for over 9 years and loves to share her passion for food through raw-food workshops, cooking classes, private dinner events as well as her meal-prep company.

Her dishes are unique fusions of different cuisine and originals inspired by her 5 year travel to over 70 countries.

Maricel's workshops and cooking classes are fun, creative and focus on healthy, delicious and easy-to-prepare meals that help people to become more conscious and aware of their food choices.

Sayuri Tanaka,     

Raw vegan retreat chef and raw food trainer, founder of “Sayuri Healing Food” café & Academy

Sayuri loves sharing her passion for raw food and especially raw desserts with her students through her workshops and chef trainings at the “Sayuri Healing Food” Academy.

Having over 17 years of experience in vegan and raw vegan cooking, she now shares her secrets and tips in her first-ever online cooking course.

Her raw food restaurant “Sayuri Healing Food” is among the top restaurants in Bali and invites customers into the delicious world of raw food.

Sayuri combines her experiences of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Macrobiotic into creating healthy, delicious healing foods that nourish your body and your soul.

Lauren Lovatt

Raw food chef, instructor and owner of Plant Academy in London

Lauren is passionate about raw food and as a chef she specializes in raw desserts, fine dining and food styling.

Lauren has been cooking all her life and even though she studied design, she then made the switch to become a professional plant-based chef.

Lauren studied with some of the best raw food chefs in the world and went on to explore various cuisines and cooking techniques from all over the world.


Laura and Fabia Löw

Löw Delights Vegan Gourmet Chocolate

Laura and Fabia are sisters with a passion for chocolate and desserts. 

The sisters are running a vegan gourmet chocolate company called Löw Delights in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Fabia has been trained and working as a professional chef and pastry chef for many years before she decided to open up her own chocolate workshop with her sister. 



Akiko Pape

Japanese chef and instructor

Akiko is passionate about teaching the beauty of Japanese vegan food.

Growing up in a small village in Japan, Akiko has learned from a very early age about the secrets of Japanese food. While her family was working on their rice farm, Akiko gladly prepared local dishes for the whole family.

Having successfully run a Japanese catering in Vancouver, Akiko met her business partner Rina after returning to Japan. The two immediately bonded over the idea of a healthy, sustainable and plant-based cooking school and the Bentoya cooking school was born.

Julia Panchkowry

Owner at The Banana Warrior

Julia is a raw food chef, a RYT yoga teacher and a passionate baker. Her recipes are inspired by health and her love of colourful flavors from around the world.

Her company, 'The Banana Warrior' creates and distributes delicious, plant based, vegan health food products around Bangkok.

Julia loves to experiment with ways of preparing food that utilizes natural, sustainable and ethical ingredients.


Oni from Rose Kitchen Hanoi,

Vietnamese chef and instructor

Oni is very passionate about cooking and teaching her students about authentic Vietnamese food.

She is one of the chefs at the cooking school Rose Kitchen Hanoi. Rose Kitchen has been rated the number one cooking school in Hanoi. Located in a beautiful villa in the middle of Hanoi.

Rose Kitchen has enabled thousands of curious travellers from all around the world to experience the real taste of Vietnam. Rose Kitchen is proud to share with its students the authentic sights, smells and dishes that make Vietnam so unique. 

Mini Kyung

Korean Chef and Owner of Energy Kitchen Seoul 

Mini Kyung is a famous vegan chef in Seoul who opened the first raw vegan café in Seoul - called Energy Kitchen.

Mini has her own Energy Kitchen cooking school, where she gives classes to Koreans who are interested in learning more about the vegan and raw food diet.

She also published 3 cookbooks in Korea and has been giving cooking classes for many years. Mini teaches about vegan food and vegan cooking at the university in Seoul.

Ploy Thajaree

Baan Farm Thai Cooking School

Ploy loves sharing her passion for Thai cuisine, which is why she decided to open her own cooking school, called "Baan Farm Thai Cooking school", a Thai cooking school & organic farm in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. She loves teaching her students about Thai food.

Almost all ingredients that she uses in her cooking classes are from her own organic farm. She learned cooking from her grandma and you can tell in the way she cooks - it`s authentic Thai cuisines, exactly the way it should be.

Marisa Hofmeister

Vegan nutritionist and athlete 

Marisa Hofmeister is a vegan athlete and nutritionist who helps others - athletes and non-athletes alike - how to thrive on a whole food plant-based diet. 

Switching to a fully plant-based diet several years ago has allowed Marisa to excel in her sport, recover faster, and feel better overall.

Since then, she has dedicated her career on learning all she could about the right vegan nutrition and helping others how to feel great each day on a plant-based diet.

With her clients, she shares delicious, well-balanced and easy to prepare plant-based meals that help you reach your individual fitness goal.


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