What our students are saying:

“What a treat to have stumbled across Veecoco’s website! Lukas and Sam have developed an awesome vegan cooking site. I appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing delicious and healthy food to my own kitchen. 

There’s a huge variety of types of classes, something for everyone, and the step-by-step, clear instructions appeal to all levels of experience. I like how the classes have both video AND printed recipes, which are easy to follow and save.

They’ve obviously put a ton of thought, creativity and expertise into designing the classes. Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be anything more amazing, they come out with a new class!”


"The videos are really well filmed and easy to digest. I'm loving them so far and learning a lot. Highly recommend!"


"I’m so happy to find Veecoco because I love international food but struggle to make it at home. The courses make learning to cook vegan easy, intriguing, and full of flavor. I especially liked the vegan cheese course that totally opened my perspective about what’s possible with plants!"


"Thank you! I appreciate these courses because they are easy to follow, and unlike food blogs, I don't have to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and... to get to the recipe. Sorry, blogger, but I don't really care about the back-story of this recipe, just give it to me already! (I know you need to build in your keywords, yada, yada, ...), and I don't have to go hunt and peck through internet search results and YouTube vids! This is straight-forward and giving me ideas to build on."


"I found the course very interesting and rewarding because I get to learn from teachers who are very professional, experienced and passionate. All the recipes are authentic and doable. I especially appreciate that the courses included the cultural background of the cuisines and interview session with the teacher, it is very inspiring and educational. Doesn't matter if you're a chef who is looking for new culinary input or a vegan newbie who is exploring vegan foods, this is the course for you! Highly recommended"


"Being a vegan for 3 years, I often missed eating traditional foods from different countries. I had to research the original recipe and try to make it vegan, which didn’t always work. Getting to know Veecoco school, took me to a beautiful journey uniting my two great passions: cooking and new cultures. It’s like a dream! The chefs are incredibly talented and being natives to their countries, they have a lot of knowledge to share. Also, the story of the founders is very inspiring and I hope one day I can apply all this learning to my own vegan business. Awesome idea guys, thanks!"


"I’ve been cooking all my life and would consider myself a great home chef. Still, I could learn so many new ways of creating delicious recipes at Veecoco. I wanted to learn more about vegan cooking, and I was impressed to see how much is really possible in all these different cuisines. Thank you."


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"I have really enjoyed the Veecoco online courses and have learned a lot. I like the way it is organized and the way it is presented."


"I loved the format of the courses as soon as I joined Veecoco, and really appreciate how passionate the teachers are. At first, I was worried about having to buy fancy equipment and ingredients, but soon found out just how accessible and simple everything is! Being able to try out all the delicious recipes has been truly incredible so far - from making the food itself to photographing and documenting it, I am enjoying every step of the way.."


"I really enjoyed the course and the videos, thank you guys!"


"I am enjoying this course and learning a lot!"


"Really enjoyed this course, so informative."


"Love the videos, the recipes and the course...thanks"


"Amazing! As ALL the courses, thank you so much, congratulations"


"Love the courses and also the videos. Thank you."


"This course is very enlightening"


"Very informative. So good"


"Wonderful filming and classic course... Thank you Veecoco and Bentoya cooking."


"Thanks a million, very valuable class."


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