Our story

It seemed like a big step...

We’re Lukas and Samuel, vegan twins from Germany sharing one big passion… discovering and bringing to light the unbelievably diverse and widely unexplored world of vegan food.


Diving fully into the vegan diet in 2017 has completely changed the way we look at food…for the better. We eat better than ever before!


But to be honest with you, giving up on the foods we were used to seemed scary at first..really scary. It felt like a huge step. And the decision took quite some time...


We both didn’t know whether we’d be eating the same plain lettuce salad every day, feeling hungry and unsatisfied after every meal. And since we love going to the gym, well, how would we be getting enough protein...?

But then, we learned something...

The transition was gradual at first. We’d be preparing more mixed bowls with veggies and grains, reducing milk and other animal products and switching to milk alternatives, trying out new legumes and vegetables that we saw at the supermarket…


And then…one amazing thing happened!


The food we prepared started to taste, simply put, amazing. And not only we thought so: Our non-vegan colleagues and friends would try and love what we had cooked. And we heard one thing all over again...


If I could always eat like this, I’d go vegan as well


So back then, an idea was born...

Why not share this experience of wildly enjoyable food with...well, everyone who loves to taste great food? 

 We deeply believe that vegan food is the best food out there. 


And the BEST WAY to make vegan food more accessible, reducing animal harm and saving our environment is


Learning vegan cooking the right way… so everyone enjoys it, no matter whether they’re vegan or not.


And why not learn it from someone who’s been cooking vegan for years? Why not learn from people who are great at what they do?

That's what Veecoco is all about

You get to learn vegan cooking through detailed and enjoyable online courses from experienced chefs from all over the world.

You get to experience what vegan food really should taste, smell and look like.


And you get to share it with the people in your life...and see the glow of joy in their eyes as they try your food!


Together, we create a world of change, a world that becomes sustainable and promotes harmony for ourselves, the animals and the environment.


Learn vegan cooking - the right way.

Samuel Schanderl, Co-Founder of Veecoco

"I want to share how amazing vegan food really is. To me, a whole new world of possibilities has opened up, full of healthy ingredients and exciting flavours.

Before going vegan, I was afraid that I would be super limited in my food choices.

This turned out to be not true at all.

Since going vegan, I have discovered so many amazing recipes and eat better than ever before. I want you to experience the same thing."


Lukas Schanderl, Co-Founder of Veecoco

"Since going vegan, my health has improved so much and I feel fantastic. Now I want others to feel the same. Making the switch to a vegan diet has been one of the best decisions of my life.

It's a win-win for everybody. The food tastes better, you cause less suffering to the animals and the planet and you feel amazing and get to experience a whole variety of new flavors and exciting ways to prepare food"

Our Mission

Our goal at Veecoco is to help you cook amazing vegan dishes that you, your friends and your family will love.

We want you to experience authentic and delicious online cooking courses that taste better than any restaurant.

Therefore, we partner with chefs from all around the world, so they can share their experience and knowledge with you.

We want to make vegan online cooking courses exciting. That's why we take you with us to foreign countries such as Thailand, Japan, Italy, Mexico and many more.

We want you to experience local cuisines from different countries in an authentic and fully plant-based way.

What's more authentic than learning how to make vegan sushi from a Japanese chef in Tokyo, Japan?

We want you to constantly learn and experience new flavours and cuisines. Therefore, we will release new courses each month on Veecoco.

Veecoco is the vegan online cooking school of the future.

Instead of just regular online cooking courses, we want to make learning how to cook exciting and fun. We do this by taking you with us to different countries, learning from a variety of chefs and by publishing new courses every month, so you can constantly learn interesting and novel ways to prepare vegan food and enhance your cooking skills. 


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We love hearing from you. You can always contact us at: 

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