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Vegan Pastry Essentials

Vegan Online Cooking Course


Master the fundamental principles of vegan baking and start to prepare the most delightful cakes and pastries at home with ease - even if you never baked before. 


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Discover the delicious world of vegan pastries 

Have you ever struggled

with baking before?


 >>> You have tried to follow a simple-looking cake recipe before but it either burned in the oven or fell apart the moment you tried to lift it from the pan - leaving you completely frustrated and wondering what exactly went wrong.


>>> You grew up thinking that you always need eggs, milk, and butter to make any type of cake - making you doubtful whether vegan baking is even possible at all.


>>> You always wanted to learn about baking but felt completely overwhelmed by all those different flour types, oven settings, cake pans, and unusual ingredients - leaving you totally confused and without any idea where to start


>>> You’ve always wanted to understand the fundamental principles behind baking so you could be creative and invent your own pastry recipes - however all you ever found was recipes that never explained anything to you

What if there was a way to make vegan baking simple and fun?


Imagine yourself 


>>> Feeling confident as you prepare your favorite pastries with ease - all 100% vegan and delicious.


>>> Knowing exactly what to watch out for to make your pastries extraordinarily good - and how to avoid the most common baking mistakes. 


>>> Getting praised by your family and friends for the gourmet-style chocolate cakes, cinnamon swirls, and other delicacies you’ve prepared for them - having just spent minimal time in the kitchen.


>>> Eating immensely flavorful vegan cakes with your loved ones on any special occasion, whether it’s a birthday party, family dinner, or Christmas eve. 


>>> Spending less time researching the Internet for new baking recipes and more time enjoying delicious treats with your family.

It's all possible now with "Vegan Pastry Essentials"


Sign up today to get lifetime access, so you can learn at your own leisure. 

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Become a vegan pastry master


Get full access to “Vegan Pastry Essentials” to master the fundamental principles of vegan baking and start to prepare the most delightful cakes and pastries at home with ease. 


Vegan chef Diana Kronenberg will guide you step-by-step through all the essential topics around baking, from understanding and mastering the different types of doughs, to creating your own homemade signature pastries from scratch.


You will learn about


  • The right preparation of the most essential types of pastry dough - including yeast dough, sponge cake, and shortcrust.
  • How to correctly prepare a yeast dough - and what the difference between a slow-rising and fast rising dough is.
  • The amazingly simple yet little known twisting technique that gives you beautifully shaped cinnamon swirls, rolls, and more. 
  • The single best way to make a sponge cake batter - and how to prepare a variety of differently tasting yet equally delicious cakes from it.
  • How to assemble, roll and bake a shortcrust pastry to make it both flaky and tender at the same time.
  • The real reason for using eggs in traditional baking - and how to easily replace them in vegan recipes.
  • How to make sweet dessert creams and fillings that take any cake from ordinary to outstanding.
  • How to make all your pastries look extravagant (as if served at a gourmet restaurant) - using simple plating tricks you can apply for any dessert.
  • And much more!


These tasty recipes are included:

  • The soft and aromatic classic German cheesecake 
  • A tender vanilla sponge cake topped with berries and fruits
  • Fluffy and dreamlike cinnamon swirls
  • A tender chocolate raspberry sponge cake
  • A mouth-watering cherry streusel cake with crumbles on top
  • A fragrant christmas apple tart
  • The chocolate-filled and fluffy Russian babka cake
  • A sweet strawberry-filled galette with vanilla aroma
  • And much more


Here’s what you’ll get

  • Lifetime access to the full course with all lessons and materials
  • Discover 20+ detailed high-quality video lesson and information sections
  • Learn step by step how to create incredibly tasty cakes and desserts for the whole family - with vegan chef Diana Kronenberg
  • Get the essential ingredients shopping list and learn where to find all of them
  • Get a detailed guide on replacing ingredients if you can't find them
  • Download the complete coursebook with all recipes and information
  • Take the final assessment to test your knowledge and progress
  • Receive your certificate of completion after finishing the course
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Do you have any questions?

What if the course isn't what I expected?

If you're not happy, we would not feel right keeping your money. Simply write us within the first 30 days and you get a full refund - no questions asked. 

Is this course right for me?

If you love the smell and taste of freshly baked cakes and pastry, this course is for you. You will discover mouthwatering cake and pastry recipes that your friends and family will devour and love!

I'm a complete beginner - will the course be too difficult?

You don't have to worry. Diana will introduce you step-by-step to the important topics of vegan baking, starting with different flour types, rising agents, and egg replacements, before showing you in a detailed way how to bake a variety of delicious pastries.

What if I'm already experienced in baking - will I still learn something new?

Yes, you will. Diana has handpicked the recipes for this course and crafted them in her unique way to give you some new and delicious baking ideas. Whether it's the preparation of the dough, the filling and flavoring, or the plating and garnishing, you will discover something you didn't know before.

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