Vegan Japanese - Sushi And Ramen

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Discover the Japanese way of preparing vegan ramen and sushi with  Japanese chef Akiko. 


Learn from a Japanese chef

Akiko has learned about Japanese food since her childhood. Learn from her the secrets to making authentic vegan Japanese food.

Make delicious vegan ramen and sushi

You will get to the heart of Japanese food and learn the nuances and flavor combinations so you can create the most delicious recipes.

Receive your vegan ramen and sushi certification

Get your certificate of completion after having taken all of the classes and quizzes. Become an expert at making vegan ramen and sushi.

Simplicity perfected

Japanese food is one of the most elegant, clever, and esteemed cuisines in the world.

Yet it’s the simplicity that makes it so unique.

Most people think highly of Japanese food, but the thought of making it themselves seems discouraging. 

You might perceive traditional Japanese recipes to be complex and difficult to prepare.

And the idea of making sushi without fish seems impossible for many. 

Yet in its essence, Japanese food is simple, creative, and fun to prepare.

And it can be perfectly prepared in a fully vegan way.


Experience the flavor of Japan

Discover the authentic taste of Japan in a fully vegan way.

Over the centuries, the Japanese have perfected their food to taste and look beautiful and exciting.

Based on just a few key ingredients, the recipes are a harmonic blend of a couple essential flavors.

Most Japanese recipes live from a clear umami taste which enhances and brings out the overall flavor profile of this cuisine.

Combined with fresh ingredients, the right seasoning and more, you will discover a diverse and rich cuisines that has so much to offer.

Imagine having your friends over for dinner. You walk out of the kitchen and surprise them with your own avocado filled sushi roll and a steamy bowl of ramen noodles. 

Learn what vegan Japanese food really is about and share it with your loved ones.

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Meet your teacher

You will step into the kitchen with Akiko from Bentoya Cooking. She and her partner Rina decided to share their mutual passion for teaching others about the Japanese cuisine in a fully plant-based way.

Teaching in Tokyo and Yokohama, the two certified instructors focus on giving their students from all over the world a unique and authentic experience of the Japanese cuisine.

Growing up in a small village in Japan, Akiko has learned from a very early age about the secrets of Japanese food. While her family was working on their rice farm, Akiko gladly prepared local dishes for the whole family. 

Having successfully run a Japanese catering in Vancouver, Akiko met her business partner Rina after returning to Japan. The two immediately bonded over the idea of a healthy, sustainable and plant-based cooking school and the Bentoya cooking school was born.

Here's what you'll get

In this course, Akiko will share her secrets to making authentic and delicious vegan ramen noodles and vegan sushi with you. 


You will get


  • Access to 25+ detailed and high-quality video lectures
  • The essential Japanese shopping list
  • A guide on replacing ingredients if you can’t find the Japanese version
  • Complete coursebook with recipes and information
  • Quiz to test your knowledge and progress
  • Certificate of completion after finishing the course


Here is what you’ll learn


  • Learn about the essential flavors of Japan
  • Learn about the history of Japanese food
  • Become a master in making vegan gyoza
  • Prepare your own ramen noodles from scratch
  • Cook and serve a variety of ramen noodle bowls
  • Prepare the perfect sushi rice
  • Roll the traditional sushi roll filled with avocado
  • Learn how the prepare sushi inside-out
  • Make your own pickled ginger to serve with the sushi
  • And more

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We want to enable you to make delicious vegan food everyone loves. 

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Who is this class for?

This class is designed to introduce you to ramen and sushi in a fully vegan way and enable you to create authentic and delicious Japanese recipes. 

But even if you are already familiar with Japanese food, you will learn new perspectives and techniques. 

We created these courses in a way that even if you're an absolute beginner in the kitchen you’ll be able to create amazing delicious food through the easy to follow step by step instructions. 

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