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Learn to make delicious and authentic Italian recipes in a completely vegan way. Taught by experienced chef Alberto from Tuscany.


Learn all about classic Italian cooking from a local chef

Step into the kitchen with chef Alberto from Good Tastes of Tuscany. He will guide you step by step through some of the most famous Italian dishes - all completely vegan. 

Prepare healthy and flavorful recipes at home

You will learn the basics of making classic Italian dishes right at home, from pizza, pasta, pesto to soups, salads, deserts and more. Get to know the essential flavors and little secrets that make your dishes stand out. 

Receive your Vegan Classic Italian certification

Get your certificate of completion after having taken all of the classes and quizzes. Become an expert at preparing and creating your own authentic Italian dishes at home.

Why everyone loves Italian food

There are many reasons why Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world.

The taste of Italian recipes is highly delicious and flavorsome. You’ll also find an astonishing variety of recipes all based on the same ingredients and principles that have been refined over the centuries.

Italian food can also be one of the healthiest food options. It is rich in freshly picked vegetables, aromatic herbs, grains, and legumes.

Learning to prepare Italian salads, soups, and stews can be a simple and tasty way to incorporate more healthy vegetables into your diet.

And you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen because most Italian dishes are made in almost no time. Italian recipes are easily and quickly prepared with a selection of essential ingredients.

Rediscover the taste of Italy - completely plant-based

Imagine standing at your kitchen counter, flour on your hands, and kneading a soft ball of dough until it becomes stronger, then rolling it flat and covering it with your homemade Pomodoro sauce.

Not much longer, and your family is sitting impatiently around the dinner table as you walk in with your freshly made pizza, a smell of thyme and rosemary in the air.

Before you can even place the plate on the table, everyone has already grabbed a slice and you can see their eyes light up as they enjoy each bite.

For dessert, you’ll serve a beautiful glass of panna cotta covered in a fruity strawberry sauce, and a piece of sweet focaccia covered in grape juice.

You have become an expert in making Italian dishes, all of them completely vegan. When you spend time with your loved ones, your wonderful food brings all of you even closer.

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Meet your teacher

You will step into the kitchen with the Italian chef Alberto from Taste of Tuscany.

With more than 30 years of experience in cooking, Alberto has a vast knowledge of the rich Italian cuisine and understands perfectly how to use flavors and ingredients to create traditional local dishes.

Over the last years, he has taught hundreds of students from all around the world how to cook Italian recipes in the most authentic and delicious way. 

In this course, Alberto shares many of the classic Italian dishes and explains thoroughly the little secrets behind great food. He guides you step by step and gives some of his best cooking tips along the way.

Here's what you'll get

Start making your favorite Italian dishes today


In this course, Alberto shares his secrets to making Italian recipes taste and feel as if you would be eating at a delicate local restaurant in Tuscany.


You will get:


  • Access to 30+ detailed and high-quality video lectures
  • The essential Italian food shopping list
  • A guide on replacing ingredients if you can’t find them
  • A complete coursebook with recipes and information
  • A quiz to test your knowledge and progress
  • A certificate of completion after finishing the course


Here is what you’ll learn:


  • Learn how to prepare and form the perfect pizza dough using the right ingredients, resting time and kneading technique…
  • ...and then roll, decorate and bake your ideal pizza at home. 
  • Learn how to make your own pasta dough at home and form two different pasta variations. 
  • Learn to make three different types of pesto that add the full Italian flavor to your pasta dishes.
  • Learn how to bake an almost unknown chestnut cake that is both savory and sweet and makes a perfect starter or snack.
  • Learn how to easily create your own gnocchi from only potato and wheat that taste better than anything you can find at the stores.
  • Learn to boil traditional Italian soups that are full of vegetables and rich in flavor. 
  • Learn to make a completely dairy-free panna cotta that is creamy, covered in a sweet strawberry cream, and tastes incredible. 
  • Learn to make sweet grape focaccia in the oven that will satisfy your sweet teeth. 
  • And much, much more...

Watch A Preview

The recipe below is the chestnut cake or "castagnaccio" from the course. A classic Italian snack that is absolutely divine and simple to make.


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Who is this class for?

This class is designed to introduce you to the wonderful world of Italian food - from understanding flavors and ingredients to creating authentic vegan recipes. 

But even if you are already familiar with Italian food, you will learn new perspectives and techniques. 

We created these courses in a way that even if you're an absolute beginner in the kitchen you’ll be able to create amazing delicious food through the easy to follow step by step instructions. 

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