Healthy & Easy Plant-Based Cooking

Learn how to prepare healthy and delicious plant-based recipes by vegan nutritionist and athlete Marisa Hofmeister.


Learn to prepare healthy and delicious plant-based meals

Learn from vegan nutritionist and athlete Marisa Hofmeister how to prepare tasty vegan recipes that are full of flavor and all the right nutrients to make you feel great. 

Get to know the nutrition behind a healthy diet

You will learn about the right nutrients, why they are important, and how to get them on a well-balanced plant-based diet. Start making your own healthy recipes today.

Receive your Healthy & Easy Plant-Based Cooking certification

Get your certificate of completion after having taken all of the classes and quizzes. Become an expert in understanding and preparing healthy meals every day. 

Healthy can be so easy

What if a healthy diet could be easy and enjoyable instead of boring and hard? What if you could feel full and satisfied after each meal without feeling guilty for what you ate?

What sounds like an impossibility to most people is actually a simple truth. Eating the right way does not require any sacrifice, counting calories, or starving yourself. 

Instead, you can choose from an almost endless variety of tasty foods and create colorful plates that make your mouth water every single day.

The secret is a whole food plant-based diet. A diet rich in sweet potatoes, beans, apples, berries, nuts and seeds, basically all the vegetables and fruits you can find pretty much anywhere will make you feel and look great.

Made for every day

Start your day with a bright and energizing smoothie packed with apples, berries or your favorite fruit. Make yourself a warming porridge bowl topped with crunchy and healthy walnuts and flax seeds, or go for a protein-rich banana chia pudding that keeps you full for hours.

Create your own appetizing lunch bowls full of orange sweet potato, steamed broccoli, or crunchy bell pepper. Add some fried and crispy tofu on top, sprinkle pumpkin seeds and drizzle your homemade tongue-tickling dressing on top.

And if you crave a snack, grab your own date-sweetened desserts or protein bars that do not contain any refined sugar and won’t make you feel guilty afterwards.

Understanding whole foods and the right way to combine them reveals an unexplored world of new possibilities. The recipes in this course will guide you into the whole food plant-based diet and support you in reaching your personal health and fitness goals.

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Meet vegan nutritionist Marisa Hofmeister who will introduce you to the world of whole food plant-based recipes.


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Meet your teacher

Marisa Hofmeister is a vegan athlete and nutritionist who helps others - athletes and non-athletes alike - how to thrive on a whole food plant-based diet. 

Switching to a fully plant-based diet several years ago has allowed Marisa to excel in her sport, recover faster, and feel better overall.

Since then, she has dedicated her career on learning all she could about the right vegan nutrition and helping others how to feel great each day on a plant-based diet.

With her clients, she shares delicious, well-balanced and easy to prepare plant-based meals that help you reach your individual fitness goal.

Here's what you'll get

Start making your favorite Italian dishes today


This course will help you get and stay in shape by eating well-rounded tasty meals that you won’t get bored of.

You will get:

  • Access to 30 detailed and high-quality video and text lectures
  • The ultimate list of vegan protein sources
  • The ultimate list with the best sources of fiber
  • A complete coursebook with recipes and information
  • A quiz to test your knowledge and progress
  • A certificate of completion after finishing the course


Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • Learn the secrets to a healthy and maintainable weight with easy plant-based dishes
  • Get to know the one thing that keeps you satisfied at every meal 
  • Learn which sugars to eat and which ones to avoid (and why fruits are no problem)
  • Get to know the benefits of sprouting and how to sprout at home
  • Learn about good carbs and bad carbs and where to find them
  • Start preparing healthy vegan bowls that are well-balanced, take you less than 30 minutes and can be adopted easily every day
  • Make your own healthy “cheat meal” packed with fiber and protein that you can eat every day while not feeling guilty
  • Make your own tasty post-workout smoothies packed with protein and good nutrients
  • Learn to cook and bake without oil while still getting the right flavor and texture 
  • And much more


This course is right for you if:


  • You want to feel and perform better with a healthy plant-based diet
  • You want to lose weight or keep in shape on a vegan diet
  • You want to learn delicious recipes that take no longer than 30 minutes
  • You want to understand the principles of a balanced vegan nutrition


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Learn how to prepare healthy and delicious plant-based recipes by vegan nutritionist and athlete Marisa Hofmeister.

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