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Veecoco gift cards

What's Included


  • Full access to all 15 vegan online cooking courses such as vegan Italian, vegan Thai, raw food and much more. 
  • 400+ video lectures and recipes 
  • A downloadable gift certificate

  • Access to Private Online Community Group

  • Coursebooks

  • Shopping Lists

  • Personalized Feedback

  • Monthly Q & A With Expert Chefs

  • Course Certificates 


“The videos are really well-filmed and easy to digest. I’m loving them so far and learning a lot. Highly recommend!”

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Meet the chefs

We partner with 14+ experienced chefs to ensure an exciting online learning experience. Get to know the amazing chefs we partner with.


Included Courses

With every gift card, the recipient gets full access to all courses below for the specified duration.

"Thank you! I appreciate these courses because they are easy to follow, and unlike food blogs, I don't have to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and... to get to the recipe. Sorry, blogger, but I don't really care about the back-story of this recipe, just give it to me already! (I know you need to build in your keywords, yada, yada, ...), and I don't have to go hunt and peck through internet search results and YouTube vids! This is straight-forward and giving me ideas to build on."


"I’m so happy to find Veecoco because I love international food but struggle to make it at home. The courses make learning to cook vegan easy, intriguing, and full of flavor. I especially liked the vegan cheese course that totally opened my perspective about what’s possible with plants!"


"I've been a fan of Veecoco Academy from the very first time! ❤️I have learned a lot and every single time the meals just looks good but tastes amazing! If someone wish to focus on nourishing your mind and your body with healthy, delicious and plant based meal joining Veecoco Academy is the best way for that. Thank a lot, guys and please continue your perfect jobs! ❤️"


Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive an email with a gift certificate and login details for the gift recipient. The gift recipient will get access to all our online cooking courses for the duration specified in the gift.

This includes access to the video lessons, pdf-guidebooks for each course, access to the private Veecoco Facebook community and the option to receive a course certificate upon completion of the final assessment.

These gifts are ideal for anyone interested in delicious vegan food and cooking. Both beginners and experts will gain valuable knowledge from our courses.

We created these courses in a way that even if you're an absolute beginner in the kitchen you’ll be able to create amazing delicious food through the easy to follow step by step instructions. 

And if your kitchen skills are more advanced you’ll love the more detailed tips and tricks from the chefs we partner with to really make these dishes your own! 

Courses vary in length. Each course has between 15 and 30 videos, covering anywhere from 12 to 30 recipes plus additional videos on the specific cuisine, cutting tips, plating tips, ingredients and more. 

Every course comes with a downloadable coursebook and a certificate after completion. 

The gift period (e.g. 1 month) starts the moment the recipient creates her/his account and uses the coupon code.


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