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Learn how to cook Vietnamese in this vegan Vietnamese online cooking course. 


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Get to know the authentic flavors and preparation techniques to create delicious Vietnamese recipes.

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Learn the most essential dishes of Vietnam and amaze your family and friends with your creations.

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The flavors of Vietnam right in your kitchen

You don’t have to travel to Hanoi to enjoy the authentic flavor of Vietnam.

Apart from the warm sunny weather, friendly locals, rich history and traditional culture, Vietnam offers a delicious and diverse cuisine that has developed over the centuries.

Strolling through the busy streets of Hanoi reveals to you how important good food really is for the Vietnamese. Most streets are full of small local restaurants and food stands, preparing fresh baguettes, serving steaming soup bowls, and many other local delicacies.

Did you know how easy it is to make Vietnamese food completely vegan and plant-based?



Learn authentic Vietnamese recipes

The Vietnamese cuisine lives from rich flavors, as well as healthy and fresh ingredients. The local markets are filled with fresh produce, and therefore you find most dishes full of colorful vegetables. 

That’s why you can very easily cook fresh and authentic Vietnamese food in a healthy and vegan way. 

Your friends and family will be amazed when they take the first spoon of your homemade aromatic pho noodle soup, or dip a fresh spring roll into the sweet and sour dipping sauce.  

And even though Vietnamese dishes might seem complex at first, you will soon learn how easy it is to prepare them.

 It only takes a few simple rules, key aromas and important ingredients in order to make the most amazing vegan dishes at home.

We invite you to take a culinary trip to the North of Vietnam and discover Vietnamese signature dishes from a real local chef - right in your own kitchen, in a fully vegan way.

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Meet your teacher

Oni from Rose Kitchen Hanoi will share all her secrets about Vietnamese cooking with you.

Rose Kitchen Hanoi has been consistently rated the number one cooking school in Hanoi. Located in a beautiful villa in the middle of Hanoi, Rose Kitchen has enabled thousands of curious travelers from all around the world to experience the real taste of Vietnam. Rose Kitchen is proud to share with its students the authentic sights, smells and dishes that make Vietnam so unique. The cooking school only works with experienced local chefs who have an in-depth knowledge of Vietnamese cooking.

Here's what you'll get

Oni shares the most famous Vietnamese signature dishes that cannot be shouldn’t be missing from the dinner table. 

You will 

  • Get to know the flavors and ingredients that create the typical Vietnamese culinary experience.
  • Make your own vegan fish sauce from local fruits and use it to season your other Vietnamese recipes.
  • Learn the essential aromas, ingredients and preparation technique to making authentic pho noodle soup.
  • Prepare simple and playful vegan desserts based on banana and mango. 
  • Learn the simple rolling technique and flavorful filling to make your own spring rolls at home - both fresh and fried.
  • Prepare the delicious and crunchy Vietnamese baguette Banh Mi with a smoky filling.
  • Get to know the right seasonings and sauces that give salads and other dishes that real Vietnamese flavor.
  • Learn about the various preparation techniques, from stir frying to boiling to steaming.
  • And much more....

After this course, you will be able to cook the most amazing and aromatic vegan Vietnamese signature dishes for your family and friends. 

With this course, you will get a free coursebook with all the information, content and recipes.

You will also become an exclusive member of the Private Veecoco Facebook Group to get in touch with other students and share your progress.

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And if your kitchen skills are more advanced you’ll love the more detailed tips and tricks to really make these dishes your own! 

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