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 The Perfect Vegan Brunch

Vegan Online Cooking Course


Discover a selection of highly delicious vegan breakfast and brunch options for the whole family - with Marika from Plant Base Berlin.



Discover the World of Vegan Brunch

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Start Your Day the Right Way

It’s the first meal of the day, and it can make all the difference: 

A healthy and flavorful breakfast lets you have a happy and sunny morning right away.

Whether it’s your daily porridge bowl or your weekly Sunday brunch with the whole family, a great breakfast full of flavors and colors will make everyone’s day. 

Learn how to make delicious vegan breakfast dishes, from an aromatic Italian porridge and fluffy breakfast pancakes to your own smoky carrot “salmon” and pickled tofu “feta”. 

Meet Your Instructor

You will learn from Marika, the chef and creator behind Plant Base Berlin, one of Berlin’s most sought-after breakfast cafés. 

Her café’s menu consists of colorful cakes, tasty bagels with creamy toppings, creamy tofu scrambles, and many other sweet and savory breakfast dishes. 

Marika will share with your her secrets to creating the incredibly flavorful and diverse recipes that her guests love to enjoy during her popular weekend brunch.

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Here's What You'll Discover


  • The best way to prepare a super light and fluffy “egg” salad 
  • How to get the perfect texture and flavor for your tofu scramble
  • How to make fluffy and savory breakfast pancakes that are rich in protein and go with any topping
  • Which ingredients you should not miss if you want to recreate traditional egg-like dishes in a fully vegan way
  • How to make flavorful dips and spreads, from a spicy peanut dip to a nacho dip and basil cream cheese
  • How to easily change the consistency and flavor of any homemade spread to your liking
  • The incredibly flavorful and little-known way to make porridge exciting again - using cuisines from all around the world as your inspiration
  • How to create your own tasty porridge bowls from scratch based on your favorite dishes and flavor
  • Marika's secret recipe to prepare a smoky carrot “salmon” that is the perfect savory addition to your breakfast bagels
  • How to marinate and pickle tofu cubes to get tofu “feta”
  • How to add crunch and a smoky flavor to your breakfast bowls using your homemade coconut “bacon” chips

And much more!

 Is This Course Right for You?


No matter whether you’re a beginner to vegan cooking or have years of experience, you will find valuable information, cooking knowledge, and new recipes in this course. 


The course is right for you if


  • You love to eat good food and enjoy delicious vegan delicacies
  • You enjoy a flavorsome and diverse breakfast
  • You love to surprise your loved ones with beautiful dishes 
  • You love learning and want to get even better in the kitchen
  • You already some experience in the kitchen and want to expand your knowledge
  • You’re completely new to vegan cooking and want to dive into preparing tasty breakfasts
  • You want to learn from an expert who spent years refining his craft

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