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Fine Italian Pastries & Desserts

Vegan Online Cooking Course


Discover an exclusive selection of exquisite Italian pastries and desserts, all completely vegan -  with gourmet pastry chef Matteo Febbraio.


Discover the secret world of Italian pastries

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The Clever Secrets of Italian Pastry Chefs - Finally Revealed


Is it possible for you to experience the most delicate sweet dinner highlights which are served at a 5-star premium hotel situated in a luxurious Italian castle - while lounging comfortably in your living room


Can you imagine yourself tasting the finest Italian pastries and desserts at the end of your next family dinner while being surrounded by your loved ones? 


Does that sound too extravagant? The surprising truth is...


It’s not just wishful thinking anymore. What has been a privilege only to the affluent guests of exclusive hotels in Europe is now waiting to be discovered by you.  You don’t even have to travel to far-away destinations to experience these unforgettable flavors. 


Instead, you can become the pastry chef yourself now - and create your own delightful masterpieces. 


It's even way easier than you might think. 

Could This be Your Next Dinner?


How about a little baba, a tiny golden-brown cake that feels light and fluffy between your fingers? It has been soaked in an aromatic rum sauce that fills the room with a pleasant smell and slightly warms your tongue as you take your first bite.


Or would you rather have the crispy canneloni garnished with little drops of your homemade lemon-flavored ricotta cheese? A voluptuous jade-green scoop of pistachio ice cream proudly crowns this mouthwatering pleasantry, just waiting for you to experience its cooling and silken-smooth texture.


In any case, you have to try the crisp and rose-colored meringue with your next warm cup of coffee. Or you could bite into the crumbly chocolate-infused slice of pandolce genovese. Just wait until you’ve discovered the pistachios hiding inside


No matter what you choose, you will have the most satisfying and palate-pleasing selection of Italian pastries right at your fingertips. 


And it’s not just for you.


Your closest friends and family members will be utterly impressed and delighted that you’ve brought these authentic Italian pastries and desserts to your dinner table.  


But that’s not all.


How a Talented Chef Challenged Traditional Believes



Do you want to know the most astonishing thing about these highly exquisite recipes? 


It’s not just the fact that you can now easily learn and prepare all of them at your own home - even though you could only enjoy treats like these in the most prestigious restaurants before!


It’s something even more fascinating.


All those decadent and delightful desserts are 100% vegan - made entirely with plant ingredients


A talented and passionate young chef from Italy envisioned the desserts of his childhood in an entirely new way - and devoted his career to recreating the signature dishes his country is most famous for without using any animal products.


Having spent more than 10 years refining his skills as a pastry chef in prestigious restaurants all over Europe, he was able to find the perfect balance between flavor, texture, and authenticity. 


The result? 


The most elegant and fine Italian pastries and desserts you have ever tasted - without loosing any of the century-old authentic flavor. 


In his first ever online course, Matteo Febbraio shares the secret techniques he uses to create all the delicacies served at the high-class restaurants where he has been working.

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Here's What You'll Discover


  • How to create iconic dishes from the world of Italian pastries - elegant, delicate and 100% vegan.
  • The secret egg-free way of making the fluffy Italian baba cake - and how it really should be served
  • How to bake completely gluten-free shortcrusts that you can turn into the perfect pie or cookie
  • How to make crispy cannoli in a refreshing new way - and how to turn it into the ultimate luxurious dessert experience
  • The only way you should be preparing this traditional chocolate-infused sweet holiday bread from Northern Italy
  • The single best preparation technique to make authentic vegan ricotta at home - using only everyday ingredients you already have in your kitchen 
  • The 2 remarkably simple recipes to make your own silky vegan butter from scratch
  • What always to do with your dough before baking (unless you want your pastry to collapse)
  • How to create the most decadent and crispy meringue using only 4 ingredients - you won’t find this recipe anywhere else. 
  • The 3 surprisingly simple ways to change the flavor and color of your meringue 
  • The smoothest pistacchio ice cream recipe you’ll ever find - and what other flavorful delicacies to serve it with

And much more!

 Is This Course Right for You?


No matter whether you’re a beginner to vegan cooking or have years of experience, you will find valuable information, cooking knowledge, and new recipes in this course. 


The course is right for you if


  • You love to eat good food and enjoy delicious vegan delicacies
  • You love elegant and high-quality desserts
  • You love to surprise your loved ones with beautiful dishes 
  • You love learning and want to get even better in the kitchen
  • You already have experience baking at home and want to expand your knowledge
  • You’re completely new to vegan cooking and want to dive into pastry-making
  • You want to learn from an expert who spent years refining his craft

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