The Best Cooking Gadgets for Vegans (Why You NEED These in Your Kitchen)

cooking equipment Feb 10, 2021
The Best Cooking Gadgets for Vegans (Why You NEED These in Your Kitchen)

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Tired of eating microwaveable plant-based ready meals? Fed up with your local vegan takeaway? Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to eat more healthily this year?

Then it’s time to pull up your sleeves, dust off your kitchen counter, and get cooking!

Oh,’ve just remembered: you’ve only got a microwave.

But you’re committed now and nothing’s going to stop you from cooking a deliciously healthy plant-based meal.

So you’ve Googled ‘best cooking gadgets for vegans’ and it’s brought you here!


We’re not going to toot our own trumpet...well, we are...but:

We know a thing or two about vegan cooking gadgets

At Veecoco, we’ve worked with some of the best professional vegan chefs from around the world and, with their help, compiled a list of the most awesome cooking gadgets of 2021.

We’re sure you already know the basics, so we won’t bore you with the pots and pans!

Without further ado, here are the cooking gadgets that every vegan NEEDS in their kitchen:

1. Avocado cutter

Because who doesn’t love avocados?

Not only is this creamy green fruit extremely tasty, but it’s also a fantastic source of healthy fats and plant-based protein.

Live up to your vegan stereotype and equip your kitchen with a fancy avocado cutter tool, such as the Flexicado.

With this essential vegan cooking gadget, you can pit, cut, scoop, and slice an avocado safely and without any mess. So you can whip up delicious guacamole or beautifully slice the avocado to present on top of your next Buddha bowl.

2. Spice grinder

When your non-vegan friend insists that plant-based food has no flavor, prove them wrong by chucking a load of freshly ground spices into your cooking (and blow their head off in the process)!

The spice grinder is one of the best cooking gadgets for vegans since it releases all of those incredible aromas that would otherwise stay trapped inside the ingredients. Just like freshly ground coffee beans, ground whole spices have so much more flavor than ready-ground spices.

Oh, and freshly ground spices, such as ginger, turmeric, and cayenne pepper, have numerous health benefits!

3. Spiralizer

No vegan kitchen is complete without this fabulous appliance, which allows you to switch out your high glycaemic pasta and noodles for healthier carbs, such as vegetables and fruits.

This vegan cooking gadget is all the rage in 2021 and has different size and shape options, including fettuccine, linguine, spaghetti, and ribbon. 

Depending on the space in your pantry, you can choose between a small handy version or a strong heavy-duty spiralizer.

4. Tofu press

Some of us simply use a saucepan, a kitchen towel, and some heavy cookbooks to press our tofu, but if you want to impress your friends with superfluous yet classy vegan kitchen gadgets then buy yourself a tofu press.

Pressing your tofu gives it that extra firm texture by squeezing out the liquid. Afterwards, your tofu will absorb marinade like a dream!

You can also use your tofu press to create firm vegan cheeses.

Great options would be this bamboo tofu press or this tofu press with a water collecting tray..

5. Knife set

Ok, I know we said we wouldn’t cover the boring basics, but a good knife set is arguably the best cooking gadget for vegans.

A knife set is so important that we’ve created a whole separate blog for it!

Go check it out for advice on how to choose the right chef’s knife.

6. Food processor

Now we’re getting round to the big shots!

If you don’t have a food processor in your vegan kitchen, are you really that serious about cooking?

Whether you want to save time on chopping up all those vegetables, blitz some almonds and peanuts to feed your nut butter addiction, or make the best darned hummus you’ve ever had in your life, this kitchen appliance is your best friend.

Great value:Hamilton Food Processor​- $89

Best quality:Ninja Professional Plus Food Processor​ ​- $99

7. Dehydrator

Installing a dehydrator in your kitchen is one of the biggest signs that you’ve leveled up as a vegan.

This cooking gadget is essential for those who wish to transition to a raw food diet, as it removes moisture from fruit and vegetables by gently drying them at a low temperature.

Not only does this give them an amazing crispy texture, but it also enhances their flavors.

Most affordable: Cosori 5-Tray Dehydrator​ - $50

Best value: ​Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator ​-​ ​$269

Most practical: ​Brod & Taylor Foldable Dehydrator ​- $295

8. Vegan cheesemaking kit

If you despise those plastic-like vegan cheeses that stick to the roof of your mouth, then make your own.

Equipping your kitchen with a plant-based cheesemaking kit will make you the most popular vegan in town! All you need is a cheesecloth set, a cheese ripening mat, and a set of cheese molds.

Cheesecloth set: ​Unbleached Cotton Cheesecloth (20*20 inches) 4 pieces​ ​- $12

Cheese ripening set: ​Cheese Ripening Mat, pack of 5​ - $15

Cheese molds set: ​Cheese Molds (round & square) 5 pieces​ ​- $22

Not sure how to make vegan cheese?

Take our Artisanal Vegan Cheese course!

9. Proofing basket

Without a doubt, this is the best cooking gadget for vegans who like to bake!

Otherwise known as a banneton or brotform, a proofing basket is key to baking successful sourdough bread because it helps to shape the dough as it rises.

Sourdough is crunchier, tastier, tangier, healthier, and more easily digested than other types of bread, plus it’s super fun to make. 

Click here for a step-by-step guide to sourdough bread.

8 inches, oval:Oval Proofing Basket 8 inches​ ​- $11
9 inches, round: Proofing Basket 9 inches​ - $12

10. High-speed blender

This vegan cooking gadget is quite possibly our favorite kitchen appliance ever. As keen vegan cooks, we use a high-speed blender all the time and for almost every cuisine.

Although it’s one of the more expensive gadgets, a high-quality blender is built to last and will remain as your soulmate for years to come.

A strong blender will help you to create that smooth consistency you want in your umami sauce, rich soups, chocolate ganaches, healthy fruit smoothies, and creamy vegan cheeses.

We’ve given you three different options below but pretty much every vegan we know agrees that their Vitamix is THE BEST thing they’ve ever owned.

Affordable: ​Homgeek Blender (1450 W)​ ​- $89

Great value:Blendtec Classic Fit Blender (1560 W)​ ​- $249

Best quality:Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender (1400 W)​ ​- $349

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