Artisanal Vegan Cheese

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Discover the world of aged and ripened vegan cheese and craft your own rich and flavorsome pieces of vegan cheese at home.



Discover the Wonderful World

of Vegan Artisan Cheese

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Do you Struggle to find Delicious Vegan Cheese?


Does any of this sound familiar to you?


>>> You couldn’t find any tasty vegan cheese so far - the supermarkets are packed with regular dairy cheese, but you can’t understand why there’s no real plant-based option out there.


>>> You were completely disappointed by the few types of vegan cheese you’ve tried  - they were bland and boring and didn’t live up to your expectations.


>>> The few options you can buy at the store are surprisingly expensive, costing up to 4 times more than “regular” cheese - which feels completely unfair and inexplicable.


>>> Or even worse, there is no supermarket in your whole neighborhood or city that offers any sort of vegan cheese - making you hopeless to ever taste a creamy plant-based cheese again.


>>> Maybe you’ve already experimented with fermenting and aging your own nut-based cheese at home, but the result was disastrous - the cheese turned bad easily and you weren’t sure if it was safe to eat.

What if there was a Simple Way to Enjoy the Richness of Cheese Again - Completely Plant-Based and Delicious?


Imagine yourself 


>>> Feeling simply happy as you open the fridge and there it is - your favorite kind of creamy cashew cheese that goes so perfectly with your morning slice of toast or bread. 


>>> Finally enjoying the richness and intensity of high-quality cheese again - but this time, completely plant-based and 100% delicious.

>>> Feeling proud and acknowledged as your family and friends eagerly devour every piece of vegan cheese you share with them - constantly asking you for some more of that delicious pepper almond cheese.


>>> Knowing exactly what to do as you easily create your own vegan cheese pieces at home using the simplest ingredients and a clear step-by-step process - no more expensive and bland cheese experiments from the store. 


>>> Unleashing your creativity as you explore a range of vegan cheese recipes, from ricotta to camembert and blue cheese, that allow you to finally craft and develop your own vegan cheese creations. 

It's all possible now with

"Artisanal Vegan Cheese"

Vegan Online Cooking Course


Discover the world of aged and ripened vegan cheese and craft your own rich and flavorsome pieces of vegan cheese at home.


Become a Skilled Vegan Cheesemaker


Here’s what you’ll learn

  • How to easily craft your own delicious vegan cheese creations at home - following simple step-by-step instructions.
  • How to create and use different fermentation starters to develop the rich and intense flavors aged cheese is known for.
  • How to prepare your own nut milk that serves as a base for your cheese creations.
  • How to develop a delicious variety of vegan cheese based on the same starting base and techniques. 
  • The right steps to drying, forming, and flavoring your own cheese.
  • Understanding the essential flavors that will give your vegan cheese more richness.
  • How to correctly build a cheese cave to let your cheese ripen - without having to buy any fancy storage box. 
  • The essential tools you will need to work with vegan cheese - you will find these easily and without spending too much. 
  • What to look out for if you want to avoid cheese spoilage - and how to prevent it from happening
  • And much more.


These are the recipes you’ll make:

  • A creamy and delicate almond ricotta
  • A salty and tangy fermented ricotta
  • A fermented almond cheese coated in extra-virgin olive oil
  • An umami-rich salted miso almond cheese 
  • A hot pepper-coated almond cheese
  • A fragrant rosemary grappa cheese 
  • A creamy and aromatic “Café de Paris” cheese roll 
  • A fruity and mellow orange ginger cashew cheese
  • An aromatic and flavor-intense fenugreek cashew cheese
  • BONUS - The earthy and mild cashew camembert
  • BONUS - The rich and aromatic “Bluebird” blue cheese


But it doesn’t stop there!

You’ll also learn these essential complementary recipes:

  • A sizzling water kefir 
  • A cream cashew yogurt
  • A spicy “hot hot” Sauce
  • A smooth aioli dip
  • Crispy sunflower crackers
  • A creamy sunflower spread
  • Sweet ricotta gnocchi with raspberries
  • Flavorsome marinated carrots with miso
  • Delicate raw turnip ravioli


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to this course with all lessons and materials
  • Discover 30+ high-quality video and information lessons
  • Recipes, cooking tips & more
  • The complete coursebook as a PDF-Download
  • Get the essential ingredients shopping list and learn where to find all of them
  • Get a detailed guide on replacing ingredients if you can't find them
  • Earn a course certificate by finishing the final assignment
  • Get access on your phone - with the mobile app 
  • Access to the private Facebook group

“I’m so happy to find Veecoco because I love international food but struggle to make it at home. The courses make learning to cook vegan easy, intriguing, and full of flavor. I especially liked the vegan cheese course that totally opened my perspective about what’s possible with plants!”


“The videos are really well-filmed and easy to digest. I’m loving them so far and learning a lot. Highly recommend!”


This Course is Right for You if

  • You’ve always enjoyed cheese - and it’s the one food you’re missing the most in vegan cooking.
  • You and your loved ones enjoy rich and delicious cheese on your breakfast sandwich, lunch salad bowl, or sourdough bread for dinner.
  • You have been looking for aged and ripened vegan cheese but could not find it anywhere.
  • You don’t want to buy expensive low-quality vegan cheese products in your supermarket anymore. 
  • You pride yourself on eating high-quality products that are made with care and love.
  • You care about sustainable ingredients that benefit the environment and your body.  
  • You love to experiment in the kitchen and are open to new food preparation techniques and culinary experiences. 
  • You want to show your family, friends, and colleagues how diverse and rich vegan cheesemaking can be.

About Your Instructor

Your teacher Beba Baxter is a passionate and creative plant-based chef who is fascinated with developing new and exciting variations of vegan cheese.

Having followed a creative career as an actress, author, and musician, she always dreamed of giving more room in her life to her love for food and cooking.

Since taking a professional raw food training, Beba has discovered new techniques and possibilities allowing her to let her creativity shine through in her food creations.

This, combined with her love for cheese, led her to explore the mostly uncharted world of vegan cheesemaking, trying and testing new ways to bring out the diverse flavors of vegan cheese.

The results are the flavorful and complex vegan cheese recipes you’re about to discover in this course.

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Is this course right for me?

If you love the creaminess and richness of artisan vegan cheese, this course is right for you. You will learn the essential skills and recipes to make your own flavorful pieces of vegan cheese at home.

Do I need any fancy equipment?

You don’t need any fancy tools or equipment. Yes, a few things are needed, such as a cheesecloth or a spatula, but it’s easy to find them and they're very affordable. All the cheese recipes in this course are made with a few simple ingredients, the most important part is the right technique and process.

I'm a complete beginner - will the course be too difficult?

You don't have to worry. Beba will show you step-by-step how to prepare the delicious cheese recipes in this course. You just need to follow the instructions and will end up with your own flavorful homemade vegan cheese.

What if I'm already experienced in making vegan cheese - will I still learn something new?

Yes, you most certainly will. Beba has experimented and developed her own unique ways of preparing vegan cheese. This led her to the delicious recipes you will find in this course, and even if you’re already experienced with vegan cheese, you will find new approaches and recipe ideas. 

What if the course isn't what I expected?

If you're not happy, we would not feel right keeping your money. Simply write us within the first 30 days and you get a full refund - no questions asked. 

Is there really a mobile app and PDF-coursebook?

Yes, there is. You can learn anywhere, anytime - with the mobile app and the PDF coursebook. This makes it incredibly easy and convenient for you as you can adjust completely to your individual lifestyle.

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Vegan Online Cooking Course


Discover the world of aged and ripened vegan cheese and craft your own rich and flavorsome pieces of vegan cheese at home.