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Have you ever felt stuck in the kitchen, overwhelmed by recipes that didn’t work the way you wanted?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?


Those fancy-looking recipes don’t seem to work - but why?
You feel frustrated when a recipe you found in a blog or cookbook turns out terrible - even though you followed the exact step. Yes, it looked great in the picture, but the reality was nothing like it! You don’t know what went wrong and would love to get a deeper understanding of the principles at work.


Too many blogs and recipes - where on earth should you start?

You feel overwhelmed by the thousands of recipes, cooking blogs, and cookbooks out there! Where on earth would you start to see real progress in the kitchen without having to waste countless hours? Who has the time to go through thousands of hours of YouTube videos? And isn’t there a place to guide you step by step?


Oh no - not that same old dinner, again! (New ideas, please) 

Let’s be honest - you’re getting bored with the foods you eat every day. You basically make the same few recipes over and over again. You’re craving new flavors, new ideas, and the know-how to create stunning dishes from scratch! Wouldn’t you enjoy a Thai curry, a Vietnamese noodle soup, or an Italian pumpkin risotto from time to time? How about almond ricotta, some cinnamon rolls, or even chocolate truffles with your next family dinner?


Is it possible to eat the way you want - while looking and feeling amazing?

You’re not satisfied with the way you eat. You know you could eat healthier and , you’d love to feel better in your body, but you don’t want to give up on all of your favorite foods, either! Isn’t there a way to eat that helps you feel great while also enjoying food to the fullest?


Why won't people believe that vegan food is tasty?

People just don’t seem to believe you when you bring vegan food to the conversation. How would it be possible to make your favorite foods, from pizza and pasta to burgers and cakes, without using meat, milk, eggs, or butter? You want to show them that vegan food can be more delicious than anything most people eat!


It's time for a change!

Are you ready to experience a new way of cooking - and living?


Become the chef you are meant to be!

Stop feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen and become a great vegan chef by following detailed video instructions from expert chefs who help you create fantastic vegan dishes with ease and confidence!

Boost Your Cooking Skills &

Become a Fantastic Vegan Chef

Explore  + lessons and learn the secrets to create stunning vegan dishes that will leave your family and friends speechless!

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  • Bonus 2: The Ultimate Kitchen Equipment Guide

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  • 800+ Lessons
  • 22 Courses
  • New Courses Released Regularly
  • Access to Private Student Community
  • Coursebooks
  • Shopping Lists
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Guided Success Path
  • Mobile App
  • Bonus 1: The 77 Healthiest Vegan Foods - Vegan Nutrient Guide
  • Bonus 2: The Ultimate Kitchen Equipment Guide

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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How Cooking Can Transform Your Life

Are you ready to experience the power of cooking with confidence?

01 | Experience how tasty vegan food can be!

What is the simplest (and most effective) way to enjoy food to the fullest?

You might have guessed it - cooking it yourself at home! There’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal!

Why is that?

First, you get to choose the type and quality of ingredient you want. Picking the right ingredients is the key to making a memorable meal, one that lets you say “wow, that was fantastic!”

Second, you can bring out the richest and most delicate flavors by applying proven cooking techniques - such as using stocks, fermentation, or the right level of roasting.

Third, you get to present your dishes in the most eye-catching way. Your plate not only smells amazing, but it also looks beautifully arranged - prepared with love and an attention to detail!

02 | Boost Your Skills & Feel Confident in the Kitchen

Have you ever wondered:

How much flour, water, and yeast you should add to a cake dough?

Which ingredients do you need to make a sauce taste Vietnamese? 

How can vegan cheese be made by only using nuts instead of dairy?

How can vegan burger patties get a meaty texture and flavor?

You will learn the answers to these and hundreds of other compelling cooking questions after joining Veecoco. 

Instead of simply following instructions from an online recipe or cookbook, you will dive into the workings and processes that allow you to get the desired result.

By following step-by-step video lessons with expert chefs, you will become an expert chef yourself!

03 | Save up to $ 1.196 each year (easily)

Did you know that cooking at home can save you money… big time?

Think about this: Baking one loaf of bread a week costs around $1, buying one costs $5. That means you save $4 a week, or $ 208 in a full year. Not bad right?

Now, how much can you save when making burgers at home for $5 instead of ordering them for $15? Yes, you save, $10 (or $ 520 per year)!

How about a Vietnamese rice noodle bowl? Again, instead of ordering for $14, it costs you only $5, meaning you save another $9 per week (or $468 a year)!

That means:

Just by baking bread and making burgers and rice noodle bowls at home, you can save up to $ 1.196 each year (for one person). 

So, what if you’d also make your own sushi, pizza, or cheesecake instead of buying them? Go ahead, you’ll be surprised by the answer!

Enjoy Your Favorite Treats - Veecoco

04 | Enjoy your favorite treats without feeling guilty

Why are some of the tastiest foods also those we feel most guilty about?

Whether it's a croissant, cheesecake, or brownie, these treats come usually packed with sugar and fats - and we don't even know how much is in there!

On top of that, you seem to never find a vegan version - they’re always made with butter, milk, eggs, and cream!

Not anymore!

When you make them at home, you're always in control. You'll know what goes in there, you decide how much and what type of sugar you're going to use.

So you can enjoy your favorite desserts and sweets without feeling guilty!

05 | Get compliments from your partner, kids, and parents!

Wouldn't it be great to hear what an outstanding chef you are - every time you put a plate of steaming pasta or warm cinnamon rolls on the table?

Imagine you'd know the little tricks and secrets that make almost any dish look and taste spectacular!

Not only would you surprise your dinner guests every time you invite them for dinner, but you would also impress your closest family with every meal you share together.

What a feeling! You feel proud at every family dinner - and more connected with the people you love!


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What Maggie says about being a Veecoco student

"I have been member of Veecoco for over a year and can’t stop enjoying it!

Great chefs from all over the world are sharing their secret recipes with passion and great sense of humor.

It’s for all levels, including beginners and chefs like me.
There is always something to learn and Veecoco teach you a lot !!!

Great organized and always updated with more classes!"


Meet our chefs!

Learn from experienced chefs to cook amazing vegan food

Diana Kronenberg


Vegan Croissants, Cakes, & More

Victor Mazoyer


Gluten-Free French Pastries

beba baxter


Fermented Vegan Cheese

Matteo Febbraio


Meringue, Baba, & Italian Pastries

Marika Netzel


Vegan Brunch Specialties

Laura & Fabia Löw


Truffles, Chocolate, & Sweets

Lauren Lovatt


Clever Raw Food Creations

Johannes Nicolay


Schnitzel, Sausage, & German Classics

Maricel Lukkanit


Simple Vegan Cheese Creations

Sayuri Tanaka


Playful Raw Food Dishes

Mini Kyung


Bulgogi, Bibimbap, & Korean Classics

Martino Beria


Sourdough Bread, Focaccia, & Pizza

Akiko Sugawara


Japanese Sushi & Ramen

Steve Lynn


American Burgers, Ribs, & More

What other students said about their learning experience

Enjoyed your course. I had no idea how to bake delicious vegan desserts and now I do! Danke schön!

Vegan Pastry Essentials

Diana R.

Great course with tasty recipes!! Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge Marika.

The Perfect Vegan Brunch

Stacey M.

Beautiful art!!! I have learned so much. Please come back and teach more secrets from your Italian vegan cuisine. Thank you for a Great course, A Baker from New Jersey 👩🏻‍🍳🌱

Baking with Sourdough

Irit I.

One of the best cooking classes I ever had. Grazie mille Chef Alberto & Veecoco academy for this experience

Vegan Classic Italian

Effi K.

Thank you for this wonderful course! It was most enjoyable and Beba is a fantastic teacher!

Artisanal Vegan Cheese

Minka H.

So sophisticated, loved this course! I hope my version will do these recipes some justice. Thank you.

Vegan German Classics

Nana L.

Thank you very much. My friends and family think these creations are amazing.

Vegan Japanese - Sushi and Ramen


Thank you so much for the course! it was wonderful and Oni explained everything very well

Authentic Vegan Vietnamese

Ana P.

Amazing! As ALL the courses, thank you so much, congratulations

Raw Food Fundamentals

Thais Q.

Thanks a lot to making me more close to the chocolate World. This course is the best one which I like most. The way they teach is very cool. Hope to connect you soon. Love it.

Vegan Swiss Chocolate & Sweets

Shakti G.

The instructor was fun, thorough and easy to listen to. Thanks!

Vegan Cheese Made Easy

Natina P.

Veecoco at a glance

What's Included In The Membership

Take your cooking skills to the next level and explore in-depth video courses with expert chefs!

22 courses

New courses are released regularly

 + lessons

Recipes, cooking tips & more

Course certificates

Certificates for each finished course

Unlimited access

Full access to all courses, on any device

100% vegan 

All courses are purely plant-based 

Student community

24/7 support and inspiration


These Courses Are Included

You will find a wide variety of vegan cooking courses from around the world. You will find new courses on a regular basis.

The best part: you will always get access to the latest courses - as soon as they are going live.

International Cuisine

  • Pastry & Baking

  • Special Topics

  • Start Learning Today!

    Get Full Access to  + Lessons from   Courses

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    Here's What You'll Get

    Check Out Everything That's Included!

     As a Veecoco member, you'll get access to all our premium content as well as your exclusive student bonuses.

    01 | Get Access to  + Lessons from   Courses with Expert Chefs

    Inside Veecoco Online Cooking School, you’ll find your own personal library of top-quality vegan cooking courses. Each course is taught by an expert vegan chef who specializes in a specific type of cuisine. Click here to see the full course offerings.

    02 | Explore More Than Just Recipes

    As a Veecoco student, you will not only learn how to cook delicious recipes, but you will also gain a deep understanding of the cooking principles at work!

    Instead of simply following yet another recipe, you will become equipped with the knowledge that lets you cook in new and creative ways with ease and confidence!

    03 | New Courses Added Regularly

    If you’re an eager learner, you will love this. We continuously plan, film, and produce new cooking courses about topics we haven’t covered yet!

    That means you will get access to new courses on a regular basis - and they will be part of the Veecoco membership instantly.

    Yes, there are   courses at Veecoco right now, but we don’t want to stop here! Each year, you will find new topics and recipes with expert chefs to explore.

    Enjoy Your Favorite Treats - Veecoco

    04 | Get Personal Feedback

    Got a question about a particular recipe? Did a recipe turn out other than expected? Wondering about ingredient replacements? No problem.

    We’re always available for your questions as you move through the curriculum. You’ll get a quick response to any query you pose inside the program itself or in our private online community.

    05 | Get Access to   Downloadable Coursebooks, Shopping Lists, and Cheat Sheets

    Inside each course, you’ll find a dedicated Coursebook that you can download and print out or save to your device. You’ll have all the info you need for stocking your kitchen and shopping for ingredients at your fingertips.

    On top of that, you’ll also find printable cheat sheets that help you with the information you need at one glance.

    06 | Detailed Video Tutorials

    Each course is full of step-by-step videos featuring an expert chef who walks you through each of the cooking lessons. You’re not going to be left alone to figure things out with just a PDF guide. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re “in the kitchen” with each of your instructors.

    Our students love getting to know expert vegan chefs from around the world, and this is one of the things that sets Veecoco apart from any other vegan cooking school you might try.

    07 | Learn Anytime, Anywhere - with our Mobile App

    As a Veecoco member, you’ll have access to your entire cooking library anywhere you want. With our mobile app, you get to decide when and where you want to watch your cooking classes.

    Whether it’s on your everyday commute to work, while waiting for a friend in your local coffee shop, or when lounging comfortably on your couch - you can always jump right into the next lesson with the Veecoco mobile app.

    08 | Your Guided Path

    Based on feedback from our community, we’ve added a special feature to Veecoco: your Guided Path to the Cooking School! When you first enroll, you’ll get access to a special assessment that will give you feedback on exactly which course you should begin with. Because Veecoco was created for those who are just beginning with a vegan lifestyle, those who’ve been cooking vegan some but want to grow their skills, and even those who are already professional vegan chefs, there is a range of courses at all different levels. That’s great news because it means that wherever you are with your cooking skills right now, you get to grow with us! And with the Guided Path, there’s no guesswork about where you should begin.

    09 | Learn At Your Own Pace

    Be 100% flexible! No matter how busy you are, you get to decide your own learning schedule. You’re not held back by limiting course dates or deadlines - you’re the master of your time. 

    Veecoco lessons are available on whatever device you choose, 24/7. You get to learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace. As soon as you enroll, you get access to our ENTIRE library of vegan cooking courses. No waiting for your next lesson to unlock. It’s all at your fingertips, whenever you want to dive in.

    10 | Join Our Private Student Community

    Once you enroll with Veecoco, you get access to our private online community where you can connect with others who are gaining confidence in the kitchen and living a vibrant vegan lifestyle.

    Share your progress, ask us questions, and be inspired by the beautiful dishes from other students.

    11 | Earn Your Vegan Cooking Certificates

    Feel proud of your achievements! With each finished course, you get the chance to earn your course certificate that you can share with the world.

    Our certificate program lets you track your progress throughout the online cooking school. You can earn and print out your certificate as you master each course.

    Get Full Access to  + Lessons from   Courses

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    You're not alone!

    Here's what others say about being a Veecoco student

    “ There’s a huge variety of types of classes, something for everyone, and the step-by-step, clear instructions appeal to all levels of experience. I like how the classes have both video AND printed recipes, which are easy to follow and save.They’ve obviously put a ton of thought, creativity and expertise into designing the classes. Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be anything more amazing, they come out with a new class!”


    “ Thank you! I appreciate these courses because they are easy to follow, and unlike food blogs, I don't have to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and... to get to the recipe. Sorry, blogger, but I don't really care about the back-story of this recipe, just give it to me already! (I know you need to build in your keywords, yada, yada, ...), and I don't have to go hunt and peck through internet search results and YouTube vids! This is straight-forward and giving me ideas to build on.”


    Ready to boost your cooking skills?

    Are you curious to hear what type of skills you’ll gain by joining Veecoco?

    Here are some of the countless cooking techniques you're about to discover that will make you a better chef!

    Master The Essentials


    • Learn how to bring more flavor to your dishes by preparing and using homemade stocks and broths
    • Practice the essential knife skills that keep your fingers safe and let you cut every vegetable safely and precisely
    • Understand how to combine different textures and colors on your plate to create an unforgettable dinner experience
    • Make your own plant-based milk at home and discover how to enhance it the way you like
    • Learn how to make a typical Italian pizza and pasta dough from scratch - and how to serve them with pesto and sauces
    • Discover the unique flavor combinations that make Thai and Vietnamese dishes both flavorful and refreshing
    • And much more!


    • Understand the differences between yeast dough, sponge cake, and shortcrust -  and learn how to prepare each one from scratch!
    • Learn how to feed and nurture a healthy sourdough starter so you can bake beautiful sourdough bread with a thick crust and fluffy inside
    • How to prepare mousses and creams that will make your cakes and desserts look and taste more flavorful
    • Why your dough should rest and how long you should keep it at which temperature before you continue to work it
    • Understand how to adjust the water content of your dough depending on the type of flour you’re going to choose 
    • And much more!

    Discover Advanced Cooking Techniques



    • Learn how to use fermentation to create creamy and flavor-rich vegan cheese that tastes better than traditional dairy cheese
    • Prepara yogurt and nut creams that are both healthy and flavorful
    • Get to know the right ingredient ratios and preparation steps to prepare meat alternatives to make schnitzel, burger, or nuggets
    • Learn about dehydration and raw food preparation and apply it to make raw food crackers, bread, and more!
    • Discover the tricks to plate and present your food as if it was served in a star restaurant
    • And much more!


    • Learn how to create traditional pastries using your own gluten-free dough mixes
    • Understand the process of making puff pastry from scratch and prepare your own croissants and pain au chocolate
    • Prepare your own creamy vegan butter that you can use for your puff pastry and cookie dough
    • Learn how to adjust ingredient ratios in a given recipe and use different types flour or milk to come up with your own unique baking creations
    • And much more!

    But that is not all!

    Here Are Your Bonuses

    You will get these bonuses when joining today!


    Bonus 1 - Discover the 77 healthiest vegan foods

    Value: $49 USD

    Have you ever worried about getting enough vitamins and minerals following a vegan diet?

    Not anymore!

    With our “Vegan Nutrient Guide”, you’ll discover the 77 healthiest vegan foods to make sure you’re always getting enough Vitamin A, B, C, E, and all of the other essential nutrients!

    You’ll learn about the role each vitamin and mineral plays in your body, how much men and women should get on a daily basis, and the 10 foods with the highest amounts for each nutrient!

    So, are you ready to be equipped with the knowledge that lets you thrive on a vegan diet?

    Then join today and get your “Vegan Nutrient Guide” with the 77 healthiest vegan foods!

    Bonus 2 - Kickstart Your Cooking Journey With The Right Kitchen Tools

    Value: $49 USD 

    So you’re ready to bring your cooking skills to the next level - but which tools do you need along the way? Do you need a blender, a stand mixer, or a dehydrator?

    And, more importantly…do you need to spend a fortune on new, fancy cooking equipment just to get started?

    Good news! No matter your budget or current situation, you can get the right high-quality tools for your kitchen (without having to spend all your hard-earned money).

    That’s why we assembled “The Ultimate Vegan Kitchen Equipment Guide” which teaches you about all of the different tools available, why they are needed, and what to look out for!

    But that’s not all!

    We’ve made a careful selection of high-quality items that we have tested ourselves or that have been positively reviewed by a large number of people in order to give you the best choices possible.

    We have chosen different product alternatives for low, medium, and high budgets so you can find the perfect choice for yourself.

    Ready to check out “The Ultimate Vegan Kitchen Equipment Guide”? Then join the Veecoco membership and start cooking today!


    I'm Ready To Get Started! ➞

    We believe in the power of vegan food!

    And how it can help you live a happier and more fulfilled life!

    Hi, we’re Lukas and Samuel, vegan twin brothers and the creators behind Veecoco!

    We believe in the power of vegan food to help you live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. A life where you and your family find pleasure and enjoyment in the food you eat!

    After having struggled ourselves for years with the way we eat and with our relationship with food, we’ve instantly felt at home once we discovered the world of vegan cooking.

    We also believe

    You have to experience first-hand how flavorful and diverse vegan cooking can be!

    You have to try an authentic vegan Thai curry or a homemade bowl of pasta topped with a vegan basil pesto to understand how much goodness you can create in the kitchen! 

    And you can only do that by learning how to cook fantastic plant-based dishes and becoming more confident in the kitchen!

    Our story

    We’ve both struggled with food since our teenage years. I (Lukas) was sick many times per year, often feeling weak and without energy. It was many years later that I finally understand that my body couldn’t tolerate milk and other dairy products. When transitioning to a vegan diet, things started to change quickly. I’m rarely sick nowadays and feel great when eating a balanced and diverse selection of vegan foods.

    For me (Samuel), I was always trying not to gain weight as I had a sweet tooth and often caught myself eating way too much. For years, I didn’t feel good in my body and with the way I looked. I was always searching for a way to eat that would make sense, trying out everything along the way: from keto and low-carb to vegetarian and low-fat. It was only after turning to a vegan diet that I felt at ease with myself and my food choices.  

    Whether you simply want to add more vegan dishes to your diet, or you want to jump into a full vegan diet, we support you!

    We want to give you the tools and knowledge to help you succeed on your cooking journey - so you can feel healthier and happier with your everyday food choices.

    Did you know joining Veecoco will also affect others - in a positive way?

    Your choice is making a difference!

    Not only you will benefit from Veecoco - you will also help us donate meals to children in need!

    We believe in the power of giving back!

    That’s why we partner with the local NGO Baan Unrak in Northern Thailand .

    Baan Unrak provides delicious meals, play and leaning activities, as well as a safe place to stay for children in need.

    For every month you stay  in the Veecoco membership, we donate one meal to the children of Baan Unrak.

    That means:

    12 months = 12 meals!

    Meals donated so far:  

    And you don’t have to take our word for it. 

    Here’s what our students are saying: 

    “I’m so happy to find Veecoco because I love international food but struggle to make it at home. The courses make learning to cook vegan easy, intriguing, and full of flavor. I especially liked the vegan cheese course that totally opened my perspective about what’s possible with plants!”


    “One of my main challenges when I adopted a vegan lifestyle was the preparation of meals due to my limited knowledge. I am grateful to have come across Veecoco, whose diverse courses have allowed me to explore new cuisines whilst improving my culinary skills.”


    "I found the course very interesting and rewarding because I get to learn from teachers who are very professional, experienced and passionate. All the recipes are authentic and doable. I especially appreciate that the courses included the cultural background of the cuisines and interview session with the teacher, it is very inspiring and educational. Doesn't matter if you're a chef who is looking for new culinary input or a vegan newbie who is exploring vegan foods, this is the course for you! Highly recommended”


    "“Being a vegan for 3 years, I often missed eating traditional foods from different countries. I had to research the original recipe and try to make it vegan, which didn’t always work. Getting to know Veecoco school, took me to a beautiful journey uniting my two great passions: cooking and new cultures. It’s like a dream! The chefs are incredibly talented and being natives to their countries, they have a lot of knowledge to share.”


    Start Your Cooking Journey Today

    You can choose the yearly or monthly payment option.

    Only $9 USD a Month - Save 75% Today!


    Only $9/month

    Regular Price: $39/month

    • 800+ Lessons
    • 22 Courses
    • New Courses Released Regularly
    • Access to Private Student Community
    • Coursebooks
    • Shopping Lists
    • Personalized Feedback
    • Guided Success Path
    • Mobile App
    • Bonus 1: The 77 Healthiest Vegan Foods - Vegan Nutrient Guide
    • Bonus 2: The Ultimate Kitchen Equipment Guide

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Monthly Membership - Cancel Anytime

    JOIN NOW ➞



    Save $250


    • 800+ Lessons
    • 22 Courses
    • New Courses Released Regularly
    • Access to Private Student Community
    • Coursebooks
    • Shopping Lists
    • Personalized Feedback
    • Guided Success Path
    • Mobile App
    • Bonus 1: The 77 Healthiest Vegan Foods - Vegan Nutrient Guide
    • Bonus 2: The Ultimate Kitchen Equipment Guide

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Yearly Membership - Does not automatically renew itself

    JOIN NOW ➞

    How can you know if Veecoco is right for you?

    Our most successful students:

    🌱 Are passionate about plant-based living and excited to explore new flavor profiles.

    🌱 Want to know the “why” behind how recipes are put together, so they can get creative and, eventually, cook intuitively.

    🌱 Thrive in community and enjoy having access to other home chefs for support and feedback. 

    🌱 Love DELICIOUS food and know that just because a dish is vegan doesn’t mean it needs to be bland and boring! 

    🌱 Appreciate variety and enjoy creating dishes from worldwide cuisines.

    Yes! I'm Ready To Cook Delicious Vegan Food

    Your “Love-It-Or-Money-Back”  Guarantee!

    Our promise is that you’ll fall in love with the recipes and cooking tricks you’re about to discover at Veecoco. We want you to gain the skills and confidence to prepare a wide range of delicious vegan dishes that you can be proud of! In fact, the food you’ll learn how to cook with Veecoco is likely to have even your non-vegan family and friends asking for seconds. 


    If you don’t feel you are learning anything new or if the recipes don’t suit your taste, then it wouldn’t feel right to keep your money. We want you to be happy with your Veecoco experience. The last thing we want is an unsatisfied customer!


    That’s why you can simply email us within 30 days after purchasing and we will issue a full refund - no questions asked! You can even keep all that cooking knowledge!

    But wait… you still have some questions left? We’ve got you covered.

    Check out the most frequent questions our students have!


    What’s the price of the membership? How will I be billed?

    It’s very simple. It’s a subscription, just like Netflix or Disney Plus. You can either join on a yearly or monthly basis. The yearly subscription costs $299 and renews every year, the monthly subscription costs $39 and renews every month. You can cancel both plans anytime - either in your account setting or simply by writing us at [email protected]. Easy and transparent!

    Will I get immediate access to new courses?

    Yes, you will. We’re releasing new courses every year and as a Veecoco member, you will be the first to get access.

    Who are these classes for?

    Our courses are for family chefs, cooking enthusiasts, and chefs of all levels. No matter if you're a beginner or an expert, there is something for you to discover. Some of our students simply want to cook for their families, some plan to work as chefs, others have blogs, and some even run their own cafés or restaurants. No matter your background, you’re welcome in the Veecoco student community and will feel right at home.

    What if I have any questions during the courses?

    We’re here to help! You can contact us in many different ways: you can leave a comment under a lesson, write us an email, or post into the private Facebook group. We try to respond as quickly as possible - usually within the next 24 to 48 hours.

    Will I lose weight by enjoying the Veecoco recipes?

    That depends! Each of our clients comes to us with a different foundational level of fitness, a different set of habits around eating and exercising, and a different body type.

    Whether you’re brand new to vegan cooking, just learning to enjoy eating vegan for a meal or two each day, or whether you’ve been living a fully vegan lifestyle for years, you’ll find that Veecoco gives you access to the most delicious vegan meals on the planet in a way that’s easy and fun. There are many different courses inside the School, so whether you want to make a scrumptious vegan salad or a decadent vegan dessert, we’ve got you covered.

    We want to be clear that Veecoco isn’t focused on weight loss. Rather, we’re focused on vibrant health: for you, for animals, and for our planet.

    Here’s what Bob, one of our students, has said about losing weight with Veecoco:

    “I set my goal to lose 60 pounds. (27.2 kg) and doing it on steamed broccoli would not cut it. Veecoco changed everything. Imagine some of the most delicious meals (vegan or otherwise) you have ever eaten and the best part is every delicious bite actually makes you healthier than before you ate it. Imagine that! The recipes are easy and delicious using common ingredients. I have lost 60 pounds, and it was so easy with Veecoco that I am on my way to 20 more with NO effort at all. I am also a Buddhist for many years and veganism is encouraged (although not required) so Veecoco helps me live fully in line with my values. It is already a magnificent site and gets better every day.”

    What if I’m not happy?

    Don’t you worry! The last thing we want is an unhappy student! That’s why you have our 30-Day “Love-It-Or-Money-Back” Guarantee! Simply write us within the first 30 days of purchase at [email protected] and we’ll send your money back, no questions asked.

    What kind of access will I have to the courses and lessons?

    As soon as you enroll in our annual or monthly membership, you get FULL access to ALL of our courses. With the free trial, there are certain lessons that are locked for you, but you still get access to  + lessons for you to try out. You can view the lessons 24/7 at your own convenience on whatever device you choose. There’s even a handy app in case you want to have the lessons on your phone!

    I’m already cooking vegan food pretty often. Is Veecoco going to be too basic for me?

    Not at all! In fact, there’s something for every level of vegan cook inside Veecoco, from those who are just beginning, to those who prepare a handful of dishes well and want to uplevel their menus, to those who’ve been fully immersed in the vegan lifestyle for years. We’ve had many students who are professional chefs yet still find value in our courses. And of course, we’ve also had many students who are just beginning as vegans and are excited to get such a wide variety of vegan cuisine that they can prepare at home.

    Are all the courses vegan? 

    Absolutely. All of our courses and the ingredients used by our expert chef instructors are 100% vegan, and always will be.

    Will I get access to new courses as as soon as they are rolled out? 

    Yes. You get immediate access to any new courses rolled out during your membership term, at no additional charge.

    I’m already super busy. I’m not sure I’ll have time for this. How long does it take?

    While there are   individual vegan cooking courses inside Veecoco, you don’t have to be in a rush to explore them all at once! All of the courses are available to you via our online portal, 24/7. And the lessons are short and to-the-point, with most lessons being from 3 to 10 minutes long. Our expert instructors give you exactly what you need to prepare delicious vegan food, without distracting you with any unnecessary information. 

    The fact that you’re feeling pressed for time actually means that you’d likely benefit from a more streamlined way of eating vegan food vs. depending on restaurants or scrolling YouTube for hours trying to find something tasty to cook. So joining Veecoco can really help you save time in the long run.


    Are the certificates you offer accredited to any cooking schools?

    While we believe that the culinary education inside Veecoco is as good as --- if not better than --- many accredited offline vegan cooking schools, we do not currently offer accreditation alongside our certificates. We developed our certificate program to help our students celebrate their successes inside the cooking school and mark their achievements as they master new vegan cuisine.

    Do you have a refund policy?

    Of course! If you’re not happy, you’ll get your money back. That’s what our “Love-It-Or-Money-Back”-Guarantee is there for. Simply write us within the first 30 days of your purchase and we’ll transfer your money, no questions asked. You can directly email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

    What if I have more questions?

    We’re here for you! Ask us anything. If you’ve got a question that wasn’t covered inside these FAQs, just email us at [email protected] and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible!

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