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Discover German food in an entirely new way!

Learn from one of Germany’s most distinguished vegan chefs how to prepare German signature dishes in a fully plant-based way.


As the hotelier and chef behind Germany’s largest vegan hotel at the beautiful Mosel valley, Johannes has dedicated his life to bringing unforgettable culinary experiences to his guests from around the world. 


Starting his career as a professional chef 30 years ago, Johannes Nicolay would have never imagined becoming one of the pioneers in transforming the way we think about German cuisine


Since changing his hotel’s menu in 2012 to only serve vegan dishes, he has refined and recreated classic German dishes to be flavorful, authentic, and entirely cruelty-free


In his first-ever online cooking course, Johannes shares his secrets from years of experience so you can create delicious and hearty German dishes in a fully vegan way. 


This course will allow you to cook and prepare both sweet and savory dishes that will delight your entire family, even if they aren’t vegan. 


Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • How to prepare and cook the most famous German dishes completely vegan
  • How to make sausages that taste and look delicious and authentic just by using simple plant-based ingredients
  • How to prepare and cook the infamous German “Schnitzel” in a fully vegan way
  • How to roll and fill the classic German “Roulade” based on lentils and seitan
  • How to use seitan and other gluten-free alternatives to create meaty textures in your dishes
  • How to make bland dishes taste exciting using your own homemade seasoning mixes
  • How to prepare a creamy and exquisite mousse au chocolat using only three simple ingredients
  • How to bake the savory “Quiche Lorraine” to taste just as authentic and delicate as it has for centuries
  • How to cook the fragrant gravy called “Jus” that is used by star chefs around Europe 
  • How to reuse vegetables in a delicious font to enrich the flavor of your next dishes
  • How to use the special “sous-vide” technique to transform a simple portabella mushroom into a flavor-intense rock star
  • How to easily prepare fried potatoes and baked potatoes the German way to improve your next family dinner 
  • And much more!


This course is right for you if:


  • You love hearty and flavorful German dishes and want to experience them completely vegan
  • You want to discover recipes served at one of Germany’s most sought-after hotels
  • You want to learn how to easily replace meat in your recipes 
  • You want to understand how to properly season your dishes using your favorite spices
  • You love to learn and want to become an even better chef in your kitchen
  • You love to cook for others and want to amaze them with your newly learned secrets
  • You want to learn from a chef who has refined his craft for decades


This course consists of detailed video lessons in which Johannes guides you step by step as he explains his secrets to creating unforgettable German dishes. 

You'll also get a coursebook containing all recipes and information. 

The course goes live on 12th February - the early bird offer is only valid before!

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