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Vegan North American

Discover how to make the American Classics in a fully vegan way - from Burgers and Burritos to Nuggets and Ribs! Taught by vegan chef Steve Lynn.

This course goes live on Sunday, 21st of March!

Part 1: California Burgers

Become a master at preparing juicy vegan burgers that leave your family in awe!

What you will learn:

  • Forget boring burger buns - learn to bake fluffy and golden-brown burger buns in your kitchen
  • Master the technique of creating vegan burger patties entirely from scratch!
  • Learn how to make a creamy avocado mayonnaise that adds richness to all your salads, burgers, and fries
  • Enrich every burger and sandwich with your homemade sweet onion jam
  • Discover the secret “fry, simmer, fry” technique that will make your vegan burger patties stand out from the crowd

Part 2: Caesar Salad

Make a creamy Caesar salad that truly lives up to its name!

What you will learn:

  • Make every bite exciting with that special crunch from with your homemade croutons
  • Let your salad stand out by throwing in some crispy “bacon” bits
  • Delve into the surprisingly simple way to make a creamy Caesar dressing nobody would believe is vegan
  • Give your salads more depth with a sprinkle of homemade walnut parmesan (works for pasta dishes, too)

Part 3: BBQ Ribs with Coleslaw

Make your next BBQ a special treat by sizzling your homemade vegan ribs covered in a smoky BBQ sauce. 

What you will learn:

  • Discover the secret way in which jackfruit can make your vegan ribs almost too realistic
  • Learn how a vegan “beef” stock can make every food burst with flavor (including your vegan ribs!)
  • Serve a creamy coleslaw that would make your grandma jealous
  • Understand the crucial kneading technique that makes your ribs elastic and meaty
  • Learn how the right cooking and marinating steps can make all the difference in letting your ribs taste phenomenal

Part 4:  Vegan Nuggets with Fries and Smoky BBQ Sauce

Surprise your kids with crispy nuggets and crunchy fries (using almost no oil)

What you will learn:

  • Prepare crispy vegan nuggets your family won’t get enough of
  • Let your nuggets stand out with a sweet and smoky mango BBQ sauce
  • Master the traditional Roux technique to create an unforgettable miso gravy
  • Discover the little-known secret to making french fries insanely crunchy
  • Learn how to make crispy french fries using almost no oil at all!

Part 5: Mac and Cheese

Make yourself comfortable with a steamy plate of baked mac and cheese.

What you will learn:

  • Prepare a cheesy sunflower seed topping that adds that extra crunch to your baked oven dishes
  • Discover a special deglazing ingredient that brings an immense flavor to your mac and cheese
  • Get to know the secret ingredient that makes your mac and cheese look and feel stretchy and cheesy 
  • Serve your family and friends a truly phenomenal mac and cheese that will get you lots of compliments

Part 6: Burrito with “Shredded” Chicken

Bring some Mexican flavor into your kitchen with homemade burritos.  

What you will learn:

  • Forget dry tortillas from the store - from now on, you’ll make exceptional tortillas from scratch in your own kitchen
  • Discover the secret steaming technique to make a shredded vegan “chicken” that adds an exciting texture to almost any dish
  • Prepare a fruity and exotic pineapple salsa that brings those tropical flavors right to your dinner table
  • Make spicy red rice that inflames your burritos with a little heat and an unforgettable flavor. 
  • Discover a wholesome bean and corn salad that not only adds color but a full range of amazing aromas